We Support Our Community

We Support Our Community

A message from the publisher:

Larry Ross Weinberger - Publisher

We are fully committed to supporting our local businesses.

We urge you to do the same because it

  • keeps money in the local community
  • creates more choice for everyone
  • creates more jobs locally
  • makes our community a
    great destination



Our family of advertisers bring you great offers every month! We have so many new local merchants that are delighted to serve you.

Flip through our pages, read all the great information and always
remember to support the local merchants that line the main roads 
of your community.

Keeping them vibrant, keeps your community strong!

I personally welcome all Merchants to join Our Family of satisfied Advertisers that are delivering their message in an upscale mailed & online Magazine at Affordable Rates.


Larry Ross Weinberger - Publisher

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