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Welcome to Long Island Shopping and Dining!

Long Island Shopping and Dining is an all new large page, 4-color glossy, Long Island Shopping & Dining magazine, mailed directly to your home is loaded with great values and information from your favorite local merchants.You'll find  exciting contests and amazing values from a large assortment of local and national merchants!



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Of course you can also shop anytime, online, by flipping through our publications in easy to read neighborhood zones online, just pick your zone and press the arrows to turn the pages, use the information or coupons to enjoy a great shopping experience!
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Mouth-watering Restaurant Menus

You can choose where you want to dine & what you want to order. Long Island Shopping & Dining’s large full color glossy pages allow readers to easily browse their favorite restaurant menus, anytime, anywhere...
with Zoomable Restaurant Menus!



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